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The Change of the Play

Are you ready to save two planets from their entire destruction? MiKe Adventures is a Multi-Genre title, which combines the Platformer, RPG, Puzzle and Metroidvania Gameplays, and adds a new Style of Gameplay: Line Platformer. 

Up to 4 Playable characters with different Stories which travel around 26 Islands and Citys*, Pixel-Art Asthetics, Multiple Endings and Lots of Achievements and Secrets, and all for just a free Download.

This Game has for now only a Beta.

The Game will be releasing around Fall, but a Demo will be available on June. 

*Islands/Citys are the "worlds" from MiKe Adventures.

2018-2019 PhilRACO Ind.

Install instructions

How to Download:

1: Install the .rar file

2: Extract it

3: Run MiKeAdventuresBeta.exe

4: Enjoy!


MiKe Adventures Beta 1.1 11 MB
MiKe Adventures Beta OST 16 MB

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